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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

I was over AND under-eater.

I noticed odd behavior as a child picking my friends by their snacks.

I only thought about what the food did for me, not what it was doing to me.

I was different Bobs with different people as any good people pleaser. No clue who I really was.

After a health scare I learned how to eat but could not do it. I heard of OA but it took 3 years to hit my bottom.

In program I dieted successfully until one fateful binge night brought the reality of my disease and my need for a sponsor and the steps to the forefront.

A food plan helped me resist the thoughts of 'I need more' 'I am full I should stop', Just stuck to my food plan.

It feels like my service work helps me more than the service I provide helps others.

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Entered high school at 350, left over 500.

First OA meeting was not my people, That was not MY problem.

I lost 200 lbs by restricting and self will. That led to my relapse

Upon reentry into OA I still struggled with the steps. Finally had a spiritual experience when I committed to going to my Father's wife's funeral.

I still harbor the thought "I will never be satisfied'  Today it is not as loud and I have tools to work towards an alternative.

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* * There are some gaps in the first few minutes of the recording. * *

My first time in I became Miss OA without doing any of the work.

My resentments with my father prevented from embracing a higher power. So I left

During my relapse I had Gastric Bypass AND started putting on weight.  Back to OA. This time with a Higher Power.

Meetings (4 a week), Big Book, I have a sponsor, do the steps and I do service. That is my program today.

Every day I am the best person I can be. Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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* * Missing 4 minutes of recording @ 3 minute mark. * *

When I lost my abstinence I gained the weight.

No amount of food could fill the hole in the center of my being.



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My biographical timeline is marked by food.

I was a secret eater until I got found out.

Pay and weigh worked dramatically for the weight but not for the 'me'

I left the dynamics I grew up with when I went to college, But I took me with me. Back to secrets.

College went from 175  to 0ver 300. Now to work.

3 Continuous fears. Not getting what I want, Loosing what I have, or Being found out.

As my fears got bigger, my world got smaller and I was 525 lbs.

It was a year after I asked God for help before I got into the program.

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