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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Wide weight swing - 5'8' and 108lbs  And way up.

Confusing childhood. Finish you food, you're fat but a later a reality check indicated I was not.

I was given 'Metrical' as a kid. On the cleanup I could finish lots of plates.

Protein shakes lost weight fast. seemed like a plan. until every parts of my life was compulsive including fasting, excersize, weighing myself, drugs and alcohol.

I sober first in '82. My sponsor suggested OA which I had never heard of. They were my people. and fell into the program. 

After a year of success and weighl loss I shifted my addiction to men. and  up to 360.  next time into the program it took all the lessons and truly embraced it long term.

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I was fat and teased by my family

Came into OA 55 years old, 130 lbs overweight with 30 years sobriety.

Recently I was at a party that had EVERYTHING that was of my list , abstained and had a great time actually relating with my family.

None of my alcoholic foods are in the produce aisle.

Accountability is still uncomfortable for me.

Long timers mentioned they do service, so I got involved in service.

As a result of my abstinence I am able to learn so much about OA, its working, the tools and Zoom etc y and offer it back when needed. 

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It is important for me to attend strong meetings where people ave gone through all the steps.

My weight popped between first and second grade. Food helped me handle my home life.

Admitting I was a compulsive eater was easy. Surrendering to the program - not so easy.

I developed daily practices,  had a spiritual connection and i was working. When it slipped, I slipped for about a year.

When I came back I embraced the reality of the program and my life changed - for the better.

Meeting my current husband (11 years) was only be possible because I was using the tools of recovery in all my affairs.

I continue to do the steps in a variety of ways each revealing something different.

Today I ask myself questions about how I can improve and then act on the answers.

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Addictive family, Dinner was a challenge. A smorgabord  of food behaviors.

My first obsession was bread and I knew enough that is brought me sham

My first real addiction was cocaine and it helped me eat less. Exercise bulimia was also part of my story.

When drugs and alcohol left my left there was room for food.

Being in 2 12 step programs, heard of OA and one more time I found a way to not belong.

I discovered my emotional triggers fro binging and continue to do the work one day at a time.

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