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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Victor S shares how it only takes 12 steps to get out of the hole that is the disease of Compulsive Overeating.

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Three abstaining members of OA share their experience with abstaining through the Holiday Season.

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Scotty B shares his experience with the steps including an amazing Step 1 where he learned it is not his fault.

Direct download: Scotty_B_2015_12_13.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:30pm PDT

Elle shares her experience, strength, and hope.

Direct download: Elle_2015_11_29.mp3
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AJ shares her amazing road to recovery from her top weight of 350 pounds.

Direct download: AJ_2015_11_22.mp3
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Mike G. serves up a helping of abstinence with his story of BBQ and recovery.

Direct download: Mike_G_2015__11-15.mp3
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Connie A, a long-timer, shares her amazing story.

Direct download: Connie_A_2015_11_08.mp3
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Chris H, a hundred pounder, shares his experience strength and hope.

Direct download: Chris_H_2015_11_1.mp3
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Annette L., a hundred pounder from Long Beach, CA, shares in a humorous way how she broke up with Little Debbie and Suzie Q on her road to recovery. 

Direct download: Annette_L_2015_10_25.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:30pm PDT

Robin from Los Angeles shares his experience, strength and hope.

Direct download: 2015-10-18_Robin.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:30pm PDT

Lauren, a roller derby athlete and hundred pounder, shares her experience, strength, and hope. 

Direct download: Lauren_2015_10_04.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:30pm PDT

Came down with the disease of compulsive overeating in his 30s, it quickly took over his life.

Direct download: 2015-09-27_Tim_P.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:30pm PDT

Chaya shares a story of hope and strength, over 100lbs of weight loss and 22 years of abstinence.

Direct download: ChayaK_2015.09.20.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Margie M shares her story of hope, strength and recovery and giving away 104lbs.

Direct download: MargieM_2015_09_13.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Adam S shares his remarkable story of hope, strength and recovery from "sick eating" and giving away 135lbs

Direct download: AdamS.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Helen shares her story of hope and strength and overcoming body dysmorphia to loose over 100lbs!

Direct download: HelenN_2015_08_23.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Quincy shares her experience of strength, hope and heavy metal and amazing recovery after a childhood of sports, obesity, and dieting.

Direct download: QuincyO_2015_08_09.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Sean M, who first joined OA as a 9 year-old, shares a frank and heartfelt story of strength and hope about how he came of age in OA.

Direct download: SeanM_2015_08_02.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

JimF shares an inspiring, funny and very quotable story of recovery from compulsive overeating

Direct download: JimF_2015_07_26.mp3
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Rob S shares a funny and inspiring story of hope, transformation and recovery

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Direct download: EricG_2015_07_12.mp3
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Direct download: HowardS_2015_07_05.mp3
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Leslie shares her story of hope and recovery from compulsive overeating and bulimia.

Direct download: Leslie_2015_06_28.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Kari's brave struggle with her weight and her overeating is inspiring.  Her story of personal humiliation while swimming and trying to get back on board a boat will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.  It is easy to empathize with her experiences.  She is a joy to listen to.

Direct download: Kari_B_06_21_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

With a 148 pound weight loss Gary has experienced the miracle of OA both physically, mentally and spiritually.  Excess food was always something he was drawn to.   After having lost his weight he relapsed gaining 100 pounds in 3 months. 

He shares, “In an act of rebellion, which was subconscious, I went back into the hospital for a suicide attempt because I couldn’t deal with life on life’s terms. I couldn’t deal with my emotional and mental state.” 

Doug continued going to OA meetings and had an epiphany that allowed him to find a concept for his Higher Power.  A few days later he got abstinent and remains that way – one day at a time.

Direct download: Doug_B_06_14_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

In the beginning Aaron needed the hard nose variety of a sponsor.  “ I’m that kind that needs a punch in the head, and told to sit down and shut up and follow directions to get it.”  When he first came in at age 24, he thought he could wait until he was older to get the program, but he had seen members in his family who struggled with this problem and decided to try OA. 

 Now after 10 months and 54 pounds weight loss he still works the steps with his sponsor.  Sometimes he will skimp on the work with reading and writing and his sponsor will say “Hey – nice diet you’re on!”  That gets his attention and he knuckles under and picks up the steps and the tools again.

Direct download: Aaron_06_07_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Roz offers her moving story of how it was in the beginning of her eating disorder and how it nearly killed her. She then shares how her life was transformed with the miracles promised in the Big Book.

The first 15 mintues is of her telling her story.  The second 15 minutes are an answer and question section which may be hard to hear.  And the very last 2 minutes is of Roz re-telling the touching story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  Please be patient with the sound quality.

Roz B. is the driving force behind helping to make Orange County, California, the thriving recovering community it now is.  We are all deeply grateful for her continuing positive influence on our lives in OA.

Direct download: Roz_B_05_31_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Bob opens his talk saying, “Instead of asking God to give me the strength, I thank God for the strength he’s already given me, and I thank God for the ability to speak clearly, tell the truth and carry the message of hope tonight.”  Once he got to an OA meeting he stayed and did what his sponsor said and got service commitments.  Later on his sponsor asked, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”  He felt like a deer in the headlights – He had never considered that since he didn’t think he’d live very long.  Encouraged by his sponsor he was able to go back to school and get his dream job of being an aircraft mechanic.   By example he shows that it’s not just about the weight.

Direct download: Bob_05_17_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Liz always worried about getting her share of food at home with her family.  She always wanted more, more, more.  She hated school so when she got home she'd eat an entire bag of Doritos - in first grade!

She got abstinent working the steps and will have a year of abstinence soon with about 56 pounds of weight lost.

Even on a cruise she lost weight!!!  Half the reason she choose a cruise was so she could enjoy all the food.  But she brought her program with her, did the work, worked on her fourth step.  She stayed absintent during the whole cruise.  She says God  meet her more than half way.  She says the OA program gave her a level of freedom she never thought she could acheive. 

Direct download: Liz_05_10_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

With 13 years of abstinence and a 97 pound weight loss Ron’s story is riveting.  In his early teens he was felt insecure and self conscious.  After having gained about 100 pounds in 6 months he tried karate, racketball and basketball to try to exercise the weight off.  But he could never get his weight down to where he wanted it to be. 
His family teased him one day at a restaurant saying, “Just hand Ron the food when you’re done – he’ll eat it.”  That embarrassment led him to decide to diet.  So he went to some OA meeting and tried it on his own and it went horribly.  Finally he looked at the newsletter and the list of sponsors and called one.  That changed everything for him.

Direct download: Ron_04_26_2015.mp3
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Six and a half years in OA, heavy sugar addict, Jessica lost hundreds of pounds over her lifetime, but is now maintaining a 60 pound weight loss for 5 years

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Cindy grew up being a recluse and completely isolated from the world.   When her sister acted out using drugs, sex and alcohol, she just wanted Doritos and cheesecake.  A lot of her childhood she can’t really remember much.  But she she does remember tiny grandmother would come over and tell her eat yogurt – eat lots of yogurt!  That is the answer!  Then when she was 14 her grandmother offered her $5,000 to get down to 200 pounds.  She wanted that money more than anything but she couldn’t stop eating.  Now with a tremendous weight loss, Cindy’s story is remarkable and inspiring.

Direct download: CindiW_03_29_2015.mp3
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Evelyn has 28 years of abstinence  and maintaining a 150 pound weight loss for 25 of those years.  "When I was 11 years old I was 100 pounds overweight." 

"I have a wonderful life.  Life is hard.  I'm so grateful I'm not alone.  I'm grateful that you give your time to be here."    "The group has kept me coming back. I'm so grateful for that."

Direct download: Evelyn_2015_03_22.mp3
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Listen in and celebrate with Helen on her Sweet Sixteen OA Birthday. 

Direct download: Helen_2015_03_15.mp3
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Debbie's story.

Direct download: Debbie_03_08_2015.mp3
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With over 3 years of abstinence and 113 pounds of weight loss Aaron shares how when he started out he was skinny.  His brother was the fat one.  In adolescence he started to get heavy he believed he was being punished for teasing his brother for being fat.  That was just the beginning of trying to figure out why he was putting on weight.

“I believe I lost my teens and my 20s to this disease.  I was fat through high school and during my attempt to go to college.”  Near tears he asked his sponsor for help. 

Direct download: Aaron_2015_3_01.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Karl shares honestly about his lonlieness while weighing 400 pounds. His OA program and his 170 pound weight loss transformed his life.  Listen in.

Excerpt:  “It is not in my nature to talk in front of people and share about what I’m so ashamed about.  Things I didn’t know other people dealt with…..My grandparents were Holocaust escapees so there was always this feeling that nothing was enough and things had to look good on the outside.”  

Direct download: Karl_2015_2_22.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 3:39pm PDT

Warning – strong language used in this talk.

“The day I figured out I could cross my legs I did a happy dance!”
For Melody the real gifts of the program is real relationships, real friends and a relationship with a Higher Power.  She’s been through Weight Watchers ten times and finally found recovery in OA.
She lost 140 pounds and gained a ½ inch in height – her spine had been compressed with all the weight!

Direct download: Melody_2015_02_08.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:04pm PDT

Marv's story.

Direct download: Marv_02_01_2015.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Victoria honestly shares her journey and offers hope for those who suffer from this disease. 

“To not feel I started trying to numb my feelings and fill myself up with anything from the outside….  That continued on for the next 23 years. I had headaches pretty much all the time…. Now it’s a journey and a path…. I needed a loving perspective about myself.”

Direct download: Victoria_2015_01_25.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 12:00pm PDT

Wanda just had a 2 year birthday having lost 70 pounds.  She shares her story of transformation.  She lived out on a farm six miles from town.  Most of her teens she felt out of step with others.  Her father being an alcholholic.  She grew up not feeling "with it".  Later she went to an OA meeting in Orange and saw people in recovery and couldn't believe it.

Direct download: Wanda_2015_01_18.mp3
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