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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

OA Really did save my life.

1999  5x shirts .'6'4''  over 400 lbs,type 2  diabetes

I remember Mary G.,  the person who first greeted me at my first meeting. I identified as a compulsive over eater not realizing I was taking the first step. She was diagnosed with cancer,and always shared she wanted to die sober and abstinent.

Abstinence gave me the ability to have continuous improvement in every area of my life.

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Coming into OA I have lost weight ans gained skills

Started with junk food early in my youth. I powered through sugary, snacks.

My physical activity offset my eating unll I got married.

I treated myself with bags from the gas stations.

Food programs never worked long term.

Covid was a disaster for me and my food intake.

I was in another program but had never heard of OA. When I did find out I jumped in with the help of the meetings i went to.

My program has not been perfect but never left my meetings. I continue to learn in practice personal skills which are bringing me a great life.

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I lived in LA when they started 100 Pounder meetings.

I became and addict in infancy with teabags filled with sugar instead of a pacifier.

I married at 17 to get away from my parents. I was not anything resembling a adult relationship.

Came to OA first in 1976 In LA embraced the grey sheet food plan an lost 140 lbs. and relapsed as a blackout eater in and out for 7 years.

Took me a long time to connect my weight with my food.

Finally got it abstinence coming up on 40 years continuously.

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When I came to OA in 92 I was broken. They asked me to read at my first meeting. I said "I can't read, I'm new" - Really?

I call my disease my Lower Power.

I will go through the 15 newcomer questions to confirm I qualify. I do.

Today I am half the man I was both in weight and size.

My relationship with my Higher Power, service and the steps are the foundation for my recovery.

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