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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

This relapse survivor has been in OA for 8 years and abstinent for 6 months. 

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9 years abstinent, lost 240 pounds and found peace and recovery in OA

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Amazing story of recovery of a women who found God through working the steps and has maintained a 240 pound weight loss for over 20 years.

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Join JJ as he inspires you with his personal story leading from 375 pounds of food insanity to 14 years of sanity in OA. His story includes:

His wonderful definition of happiness and abstinence.

A great expression his sponsor shared that has to do with flat tires, and how it helps him with abstinence.

How having to walk an extra block led to a profound realization that helped him with abstinence.

How he deals with people who insist on giving him non-abstinent foods.

A scale that drove him crazy, made him do math, and help him realize his insanity.

The ailments related to compulsive eating that he used to have but are mostly now gone.

What he did when his doctor told him he was a heart attack waiting to happen

How he set himself up to fail and how OA helped him overcome.

How he was committing slow-motion suicide, and the very dangerous things his food insanity caused him to do.

The contradictory things he believed about God, and how it led to hope.

How wild weight swings in another program led him to OA.

The thing he refused to buy when instructed by his sponsor, and how it related to his childhood.

A step he does every day even though he doesn’t like it.

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