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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Evelyn came down all the way from the San Fernando Valley to share with us her story of recovery.  She is 24 years abstinent and has been maintaining a 115 pound weight loss for 23 of those years.  Her story shows the process she went through to learn how to enjoy the world and the relationships around her without being obsessed about the food.  She wanted happiness and was determined to work the program and follow direction (out of spite, if necessary) in order to achieve that goal.  Today, she is happy and she is comfortable in her own skin.

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Joe shares his amazing story of how he got out of the isolation and self-destruction of compulsive overeating.  He knew that he was different from his peers with regards to food at an early age and turned to food as comfort.  His top weight was 550 pounds and he has an abstinence date of 2/14/2009.  Through his recovery, he has given away 225 pounds.  He finally found the willingness to embrace OA and follow a sponsor's direction.  Although there have been many painful moments, he persevered with the help of the fellowship and his Higher Power.

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Alma shares with us her journey of spiritual growth in recovery.  20 years ago, she came in, but her busy life led her back out and the shame kept her from coming back.  Today, she is stronger than ever in her recovery, and she is letting her Higher Power lead the way.

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