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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

You'll be inspired by Don's story of how OA helped him overcome his compulsive eating, starting with his childhood as a country boy who got into trouble and dropped out of high school, how he joined the Marines and was the only survivor of 20 men sent to "Ground Recon" in Vietnam, his first encounter with a 12 step program when his daughter attempted suicide, the beginnings of his compulsive eating as a newly married man and a high school teacher, the reason his first attempt at joining OA failed and why his second attempt has succeeded for so many years.

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Helen tell you her heartfelt story, starting with her childhood memories (which revolve about food), her progressively-worse obsession of eating sugar until she became ill, her attempt to analyze her pervasive fears, attempting to use food and alcohol to deal with the discomfort of "being in her own skin", being a young bride with a weight-obsessed husband trying to fix her, her struggle with many diets (including a very unusual one!), joining OA in 1994 but taking a few years to finally be willing to do what her sponsor told her, how her struggle to understand God lead to a spiritual awakening, her realization that everything that works in her life is a result of this program, why the problems she thinks she has are made up and don't matter, and how she deals with sugar temptations today.

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Tarl gives one of the boldest and encouraging stories you'll ever hear about his path to 33 years of abstinence, starting as a small child who ate an unusual food compulsively, discovering that he couldn't choose what feelings were deadened by compulsively eating, overcoming the fantasy of being rescued from his eating compulsion, compulsively over-exercising, discovering OA at 17, discovering how to test whether an overweight person is a  compulsive eater, finding how coming out of the closet interacted with compulsively eating, finding that nothing external would stop him from compulsively eating except blindness, and how OA led him to 33 years of abstinence.

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Justin shares his journey as a 300 pounder at age 16 growing up on diets and binging while he played football, his realization that relapse is a process as he struggled to admit he had a spiritual problem, eating his way to diabetes and 500 pounds, finding a "safe fifth step space", and how he succeeds at his current abstinance today.

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