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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

I was stealing and lying about food as a young kid.

Supplements, diets, all worked for a short time once.

Got the 15 questions of OA in the military. Did a treatment center, Spiritual retreat and got a sponsor. Ended up more sober than abstinent.

Left military, college on GI Bill - up over 300 lbs.

Got back into OA, 4 years of abstinence but minimal recovery. led to relapse.

Once I got back I got enrolled into Service at the Intergroup level and more but stilled bounced up and down.

Today I have a sponsor, do service, stick to my food plan and am close to my goal weight and just stay here.

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Everything hopeful started tomorrow, Monday or 'on the first'

I was my own worst critic.
Lies I told myself about me.  - Fat people are lazy, unlovable, ugly, have no will power, hopeless.

Compulsive overeating is a lonely pass-time.

I always wanted to be thin. I was not willing to do what I needed to do.

2008 I went back to OA through a convention. I surrendered with a prayer 'God, I can't do this alone'. I got a sponsor that weekend.

I got abstinent 4 days before Halloween.

If you are alive you will experience celebration, sorrow, love and loss. It is always easier abstinent.

Today I CAN hear the small voice that tells me 'Kara, you are OK.'

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Came in at 16 but not a smooth trajectory.

Food was my solution to escape from my reality.

I would do anything to avoid my body being seen.

I was banned from the Soup Plantation.

I ended up growing up in these rooms which was very uncomfortable.

Today .  Abstinence is my only shot at a big, great life.

I choose feelings over food. I have intimate, honest relationships with other people.

I can get through anything as long as I don't try to do it alone.

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Needed a Dr.s note for my first go at Weight Watchers.

I started as a Catholic and learned how to pray . . . for me.

I didn't worship God, I worshipped food.

I became super woman - alone.

Finally a therapist got me to consider I was a compulsive over eater and got to OA. So I wanted to learn the food plan.

The moment I actually said I was willing to go to any length, I had a spiritual experience. and my journey to recovery finally began for real.

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