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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Downed a bottle of Children's aspirin for the orange flavor.

Being extremely active helped me avoid weight gain.

Sugar free chocolate was a gateway food for me. 

Came back to OA in 2004 letting everyone know I already knew everything about it.

Amazingly when I changed my food plan with anothers help, I lost my weight.

Now miracles happen daily.

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Grew up in angry home

By coincidence I found an OA meeting I could walk to right after I had been given I Big Book and identified.

I found a sponsor who took me through the steps after I was abstinent from my alcoholic foods.

Today I am overcoming the bedevilments (Page 52) and experiencing the promises (Page 83-84) one day at a time.

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Grew up in overweight family. Food competition was the norm.

Food, Drugs, alcohol became my life, I had no clue. 

12 steps in my first program changed my life but not my food.

I found OA and it worked so well I decided I didn't need it.

Finally got back with new sponsor and took direction.

Now I have added Spirituality into my food plan.

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I pulled over an Xmas Tree but held on to the candy cane.

Knowledge of nutrition did not reduce my obsession.

A life change led to isolation, skipping meetings and the thought I can do it myself... It did not go well.

Finally made it back, got a sponsor and followed direction.

Today I have a daily ritual which helps me stay on track keeps the obsession at bay.

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Long term over eating eventually getting into program at age 65

Listen and take notes:

A. S. I. S.

4 Cs

3 Ps

T. A. C. T. T.


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