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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Food was my families medicing for everything physical and emothional.

Side effects included weight gain and self loathing.

LAter on I learned eating carbs causes small intestines to releases seretonin. 

If I don't eat my red light foods, there is no struggle.

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Added almost 100 lbs from HS Graduation through first semester of college.

Bypass surgery helped me switch from binging to grazing continuously. Not a good switch.

Once I started really working the program with a sponsor I discovered eating healthy foods in moderate quantities, with a little excercize produced weight loss. Who knew?


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Grew up on Pot farm. My mother gained weight with organic food.

At times I lost weight but never dealt with underlying isses.

I had two food plans, A local plan when I was home and a travel plan. Not so good.

Today I love the program, I love you guys, I love my family, I love my higher power and at long last I love myself.

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Stealing cookies at age 5

Sneaking was it own thrill

Grew up in violent alcoholic household, created the same inmy marriage.

I Overcam gastric bypass by eating small meals all the time.

Finally working with a sponsor and following direction helps me stay sane around food.

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