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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Iola was so uncomfortable in her skin that she couldn’t even say her name when she first arrived to the rooms of OA. She shares with us that it stems from her childhood growing up with an alcoholic father and going on diets as a young girl. Her eating is so out of control that even working in a hospital around a bunch of medical professionals, she maintains her obesity problem. Even working at Winchell’s doughnuts doesn’t satiate her. She speaks of her scores and scores of attempts at controlling her eating, but would always find herself back in the rooms of OA as it is the only place that gives her hope. Listen in on Iola’s inspirational story of what it was like and how it is for her today…

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Spencer shares with us some of his experiences with the food, such as when he eats a whole ex-lax bar as a young boy because he thought it was a regular chocolate bar, and he ends up hospitalized. He first comes to OA in 1978 at 318 pounds. He tries weight watchers and other weight loss programs. After exhausting himself with all of his self-willed solutions, he commits to the OA way of life, and as an added bonus, sheds 140 pounds. Though he has gained a few pounds back due to medical circumstances, he has maintained the overall weight loss to this day. Take advantage of the experience, strength, and hope that this kind and loving individual has to share with us…

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At seven years old, Tom joins weight watchers, loses seven pounds, and leaves after a week. His mother is into dieting and weight loss. He always feels separated because of his weight in school. While in his thirties, he bounces back and forth from 230 pounds to 300 pounds. He reaches 450 pounds and then goes down to 300 when he comes back to Orange County to live with his mom. He joins OA, and he relapses in 2005, leaves OA, gains 200 pounds, loses everything good in his life, and moves back in with his mom. One day, he finds himself laughing while in the shower, and realizes that he surrenders. He comes back to OA, and today has a life beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

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Steve O has maintained 173 pound weight loss over the last two years, a day at a time, and a miracle for someone who was convinced that what was suggested would not work and was all nonsense. Today he realizes that, through the steps, the pain and guilt he experienced in active addiction has been experienced by countless others. He shares helpful tools with us.

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Leslie shares her experience, strength, and hope with us, including the tools that help her stay abstinent a day at a time.

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