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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Nancy D comes into OA weighing in at 324 pounds and has gone down as far as 154 pounds in her recovery. She opens up with us about some of her insane behaviors while in active addiction, like how late one night a baking tray of cookies, a whole lemon meringue pie, and a batch of fudge was not even enough to help her “feel better”. She eats out of her trash can on different occasions. Even though she was diagnosed as morbidly obese by a medical professional, she could not stop. She shares with us that she had some “serious” binge foods, and did not “mess around” as she was not a “Twinkie girl”. Ultimately, only the fellowship of OA is what helps her abstain from compulsive overeating. Today she explains how she is able to apply the principles of the program to her recovery from a massive brain aneurism. This amazingly strong woman who has been in the program twenty-six years shares many of her helpful tools with us.

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Zeta shares her experience, strength, and hope with us.....

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Having had over two years of abstinence at one point and then going into a severe relapse, Stephanie shares her story with us fifty-nine days after her last day of compulsive eating. Today she can safely say she is totally free of her obsession from the food. She brings up some of her insane behaviors with us, and how she got married to her sweetheart, got her dream job, and how recovery became obsolete in her life, causing her relapse. She has many struggles in her current recovery, and opens up to us about her experience with the twelve steps.

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