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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Cindy grew up being a recluse and completely isolated from the world.   When her sister acted out using drugs, sex and alcohol, she just wanted Doritos and cheesecake.  A lot of her childhood she can’t really remember much.  But she she does remember tiny grandmother would come over and tell her eat yogurt – eat lots of yogurt!  That is the answer!  Then when she was 14 her grandmother offered her $5,000 to get down to 200 pounds.  She wanted that money more than anything but she couldn’t stop eating.  Now with a tremendous weight loss, Cindy’s story is remarkable and inspiring.

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Evelyn has 28 years of abstinence  and maintaining a 150 pound weight loss for 25 of those years.  "When I was 11 years old I was 100 pounds overweight." 

"I have a wonderful life.  Life is hard.  I'm so grateful I'm not alone.  I'm grateful that you give your time to be here."    "The group has kept me coming back. I'm so grateful for that."

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Listen in and celebrate with Helen on her Sweet Sixteen OA Birthday. 

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Debbie's story.

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With over 3 years of abstinence and 113 pounds of weight loss Aaron shares how when he started out he was skinny.  His brother was the fat one.  In adolescence he started to get heavy he believed he was being punished for teasing his brother for being fat.  That was just the beginning of trying to figure out why he was putting on weight.

“I believe I lost my teens and my 20s to this disease.  I was fat through high school and during my attempt to go to college.”  Near tears he asked his sponsor for help. 

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