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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

in my 20s and 30s I was a great dieter as a restrictor leading to being under nourished.

Today I turn to my Higher Power in times of stress instead of the food.

1st OA was just me and the speaker. She spoke and got my attention.

Weighing, recording and reporting honestly is critical for my recovery.


Direct download: JoyceW_2020_12_27.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Excellence was expected at home and it separated me from my peers. Food filled my emotional holes.

Eating other's leftover from the trash was a hint something was wrong.

In college my life looked good superficially, but it wasn't.

I completely gave up, was suicidal and my recovery began.

My spiritual awakening was transformational but not the end of my journey with food.

I could rationalize minor incremental moves away from abstinence.

Today my FIRST priority will be my addiction OR my recovery. There can be only one.

Direct download: RoxanneP_2020_12_20.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Every Diet worked once. I tried them all.

I was 12 stepped by my wife and I didn't even know it was happening.

OA was OK but I had a big problem with the word 'GOD'.

After a substantial relapse I was finally, 'Willing to go to any lengths'.

Today my program affords me an astounding life.


Direct download: GeorgeY_2020_12_13.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Was living the bedevilements (P.52 BB) when I came to OA

Gained 60 Lbs during first pregnancy which led to marital problems

Used my 3 year old to collect MY Halloween candy

Lived the 301 plan- 3 meals, 0 in between, 1 day at a time.

Direct download: KarinH_2020_12_06.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Downed a bottle of Children's aspirin for the orange flavor.

Being extremely active helped me avoid weight gain.

Sugar free chocolate was a gateway food for me. 

Came back to OA in 2004 letting everyone know I already knew everything about it.

Amazingly when I changed my food plan with anothers help, I lost my weight.

Now miracles happen daily.

Direct download: MegM_2020_11_29.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Grew up in angry home

By coincidence I found an OA meeting I could walk to right after I had been given I Big Book and identified.

I found a sponsor who took me through the steps after I was abstinent from my alcoholic foods.

Today I am overcoming the bedevilments (Page 52) and experiencing the promises (Page 83-84) one day at a time.

Direct download: JodyE_2020_11_22.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Grew up in overweight family. Food competition was the norm.

Food, Drugs, alcohol became my life, I had no clue. 

12 steps in my first program changed my life but not my food.

I found OA and it worked so well I decided I didn't need it.

Finally got back with new sponsor and took direction.

Now I have added Spirituality into my food plan.

Direct download: SkylarS_2020_11_15.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

I pulled over an Xmas Tree but held on to the candy cane.

Knowledge of nutrition did not reduce my obsession.

A life change led to isolation, skipping meetings and the thought I can do it myself... It did not go well.

Finally made it back, got a sponsor and followed direction.

Today I have a daily ritual which helps me stay on track keeps the obsession at bay.

Direct download: AnnaS_2020_11_08.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Long term over eating eventually getting into program at age 65

Listen and take notes:

A. S. I. S.

4 Cs

3 Ps

T. A. C. T. T.


Direct download: PaulM_2020_11_01.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

As a child chubby turned into obese and brough in speed.

I just wanted to be able to pick a dress off the rack.

I had lost weight but was very unhealthy when I was 12 stepped in a hair salon.

Changed from 'What are you going to do about it' to what am I going to do about it.

Direct download: ChrisQ_2020_10_25.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Binged and purged my way up to over 200 lbs.

If you think you can't do your food plan the rest of your life, it is a diet.

Direct download: StacyB_2020_10_18.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Food helped me feel safe in an unsafe environment growing up.

When binging and restricting failed me I added exercise bulimia to my repertoire of inappropriate tools.

First came to OA in 2003, Did everything I was told except get a sponsor and do the steps.

Once back I came to believe if it worked for others  it could work for me.


Direct download: ErinF_2020_10_11.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Food was not my  problem, it was my solution but it was killing me.

I hid my pain by eating compulsively.

Coming from  my very dark place the light offered by OA was blinding. I need the program and  steps to make the adjustment possible.

Direct download: MarkM_2020_10_04.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Understanding I had a disease and it wasn't my fault was the beginning of my recovery.

My recovery starts in the grocery store.


Direct download: HelenT_2020_09_27.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Teased in school.

Eat in secret.

How OA was 51 years ago. none of our own literature, books etc. Just a higher power.

Direct download: MaryB_2020_09_13.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Working the steps from the big book helped me identify my lcohilic foods and refrain. 

Talking through the steps and the relationships between them weaves the  tapestry for a life of recovery.

Now it is still all about service, sponsoring, and passing it on as directed by God.

Direct download: TerryH_2020_09_06.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

I binged and purged while in a treatment center for another issue.

Uing the tools does not equal recovery. I Finally  Did the Work of the 12 steps  for the spiritual recovery offered in  OA.

Truly doing the 3rd steps releicved my pain.

My current hunger is to know God and his will for me, be of service and help others. It is better.

Direct download: CarolG_2020_08_30.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

My inability to control my eating and my weight made me hate myself

When I FINALLY got a sponsor I did whatever she said.

Recovery is better than a size 4

Direct download: LucyB_2020_08_23.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

I remember the food at weddings I went to when I was 10 years old.

Overweight in school, compensated by being funny.

Success in business allowed to pay for lots of plans, drugs, formulas, They all worked ...for a nano second.

Traded my food for the 12 steps and my life is better.

Direct download: GenieA_2020_08_16.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

A Sunday promise led to Monday amnesia.

I did not connect  the quantity component  while eating 'Approved' foods.

Attended OA Meetings for 16 years but did not work until I REALLY embraced step one, got a sponsor and Worked the Steps.

I don't eat anything can't leave on the plate.

Today I remember this disease if permanent, progressive and fatal.


Direct download: SusanG_2020_08_09.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Weight  was a problem in by the time I was 10.

President's fitness challenge was terrifying.

Major weight loss in High School gave me a validation I continue to chase.

My first 12 step program suggested I eat to handle my new feelings. up 30 lbs following direction..

Today my recovery includes how I treat others, how I treat myself, is my recovery work consistent, and am I staying connected.




Direct download: RB_20202_08_02.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Started early,manipulating for food in grade school.

Could loose weight for a prize, and get it  Immediately game on bigger and faster.

Just kept going to meeting, no matter what. 

Program first seems to work.





Direct download: ScottT_2020_07_26.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Food handled my emotions right from the  bottle.

20 Years old, functionally illiterate, overweight, and working  up the ladder.

My body started breaking down at 38 years old.

Entered OA. learned the rules, Attended meetings, participated, sponsored, lost 165 LBS  and I was King Sh*t!.... not good.

Now 23 years abstinent, humbly involved in the program, loving and loved. 

Direct download: EdR_2020_07_19.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Abandonment issues were helped with food.

I always at the charity Candy Bars and Girl Scout cookies.

Stomach Stapling led to binge purge cycle.

OA with Big Book, And Sponsor led to recovery, 

Direct download: MarieS_2020_07_12.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Was not taught any adult skils growing up.

Overachiever AND overweight

In my disease eating utensils were optional.

Can never get back to the feeling of that first bite.

Attacking the steps was the real solution.

Direct download: ShariB_2020_05_31.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

In old pictures I looked more normal than I felt.

Meetings alone did not deliver the results I wanted.

I grew up in a small community. Now I have a large OA community.


Direct download: SharonP_2020_05_17.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

The only people who really get to act how they feel are 3 years old.

Doing the steps id the best tool for weight loss.

9th step promises are true.

Direct download: DavidC_2020_05_10.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

In high school super excited about lots of chinese food.

I can't see God but I CAN see the effects of God.

Completely mind fucked over 3 gum drops..

Having Incremental improvements with my willingness  helps my willingness grow stronger.

Direct download: KatieD_2020_05_03.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Lots of Tequila and lots of Oreos.  But never together.

Gastric bypass, like every other diet, worked.... for a while.

When I finally admitted iI was a compulsive over eater that bell could never be unrung.



Direct download: LindaB_2020_04_26.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

5'2" 288, Hmmmm

Lost who I was because of eating.

a meal - ok.    A meal, twice in a row, I qualify.

Stayed in meeting even when I wasn't abstinent. OA meetings were a breath of fresh air. 

Direct download: JoH_2020_04_19.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Maintaining 150 lb weight loss for overt en years.

Problem with sugar, flour and quantity. Need to handle all 3 to be abstinent.

Direct download: KariB_2020_04_12.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Came to OA at 66 years old.

Active in sports junior high and high school. College- no sports just food.

Now -Dailey10 steps. makes a difference.

My Higher Power sometimes forces me into better decision than I make on my own.


Direct download: BobM_2020_04_05.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Direct download: Frank_P_2020_03_29.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

When YOU feel you have lost something God will replace it with what you need.

Direct download: CarolinaA_2020_03_15.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

I was isolated emotionally 

Weight problem by 8 years old.

Yo Yo - Weight Watchers, Speed, Excersize bulemic, All  worked once.

Even when I finally got a sponsor I had not realized I actually had to work a program.

Direct download: KenS_2020_03_08.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

38  Years abstinent.

Great Dieter. Used grey sheet, lost weight but no steps, thus no recovery.

Recovery compares where we were  to where we are, not where we are to where we want to be.

I do have control over my attitude ans my actions, the rest is up to God


Direct download: RonF_2020_03_01.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Direct download: LincolnM_2020_02_23.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

The 3 Parts of the disease need 3 areas of recovery - Pysical, emotional and spiritual.

I had to eat cake every day for my 12 minute ride home.

I had no higher power, I left 'God' off the Serenity Prayer.

Direct download: JessicaH_2020_02_09.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Even with drugs and alcohol, food always worked to make me feel better.

Thin did not fix anything.

actually doing the steps works better than just reading them.


Direct download: ChrisM_2020_02_02.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Waist 32" to 58" and everything in between.

Over 30 years I would get a little recovery, loose weight and take my will back . 

My abstinence needs to include eating behaivior that seeks to avoid or change me feelings.


Direct download: AdamB_2020_01_26.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Direct download: SunnyB_2020_01_19.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

1976 - Called OA central office - No answer, 17 hours later Someone suggested OA. Could be she was sent by God.

Direct download: EdaS_2020_01_12.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT