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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Pacifier glued to lips. always had to be in my mouth.

Food over alcohol right from the start.

Lying and stealing about foor started in elementary school

Binge, gain weight, program light, loose 100 lbs, good enough. binge, repeat - -  up to about 400 lbs.

Finally it took actually doing the full program. I decided to Mimic the OA Yodas.

I just did it, It didn't make sense, did not want to, didn't understand it but thought I would give it a shot. By George it worked. I still do it today because it works.


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First signs of compuliveeating amnifested at age 12.

Active is sports kept it balanced.

In my 20s started dieting and a cycle of yoyo up and down up to 360lbs.

12 steps made sence except foer the God  stuff.

6 years in program before acceptance and surrender took hold and it started working .

Today the compulsion is gone. I live in the present and make better choices.


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Top weight 305, now 170.

College was the kick off for unrestrained compulsive overeating.

Getting a job I liked helped my self esteem but not my food

I did my work with my sponsor and the steps like a check list and never waivered. Consistancy trumps perfection.

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Big, strong kid, Very active in sports.

Regular activity, withoput change diet ledd to weight gain - Duh!

Acident at work laid me up, topped out over 385.

First astinace - no french fries. 

Certain foods cause certain feelings. Certain feelings call for certain foods. Helps to notice the connections.

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