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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

I binged and purged while in a treatment center for another issue.

Uing the tools does not equal recovery. I Finally  Did the Work of the 12 steps  for the spiritual recovery offered in  OA.

Truly doing the 3rd steps releicved my pain.

My current hunger is to know God and his will for me, be of service and help others. It is better.

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My inability to control my eating and my weight made me hate myself

When I FINALLY got a sponsor I did whatever she said.

Recovery is better than a size 4

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I remember the food at weddings I went to when I was 10 years old.

Overweight in school, compensated by being funny.

Success in business allowed to pay for lots of plans, drugs, formulas, They all worked ...for a nano second.

Traded my food for the 12 steps and my life is better.

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A Sunday promise led to Monday amnesia.

I did not connect  the quantity component  while eating 'Approved' foods.

Attended OA Meetings for 16 years but did not work until I REALLY embraced step one, got a sponsor and Worked the Steps.

I don't eat anything can't leave on the plate.

Today I remember this disease if permanent, progressive and fatal.


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Weight  was a problem in by the time I was 10.

President's fitness challenge was terrifying.

Major weight loss in High School gave me a validation I continue to chase.

My first 12 step program suggested I eat to handle my new feelings. up 30 lbs following direction..

Today my recovery includes how I treat others, how I treat myself, is my recovery work consistent, and am I staying connected.




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