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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Lonely kids. I knew all the 'Lonely' songs.

Big in elementary school.

Got sober in '75. 

Introduced to OA in '76. started on to 18 years of abstinence. Was involved, did service. did not stick.

Basic instincts went awry. 

PAGGLES  7 deadly sins On me to make adjustments with God's help

12 steps in 10 words.
1  Give up

2,3 Look up
4-9 Clean up
10, 11  Keep up
12 Show up





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9 of 10 Children. Family dinners were always an adventure.

If I excelled in sports I could get Dad's attention. Led to perfectionism and people pleasing and led me to my first 12 steep program.

Sugar got me so high my face would tingle.

Anytime I step on a scale  I feel bad. So i don't step on a scale.

Once I got to  OA I never left. I didn't do the program well but I never left.

I lost my first sponsor - then fake sugar led to weight gain, changing meetings, thinking a nutritionist would be better than getting a new sponsor.

Everything changed when I really started 'Doing the Work'.

This past year has changed everything in my life for the better. 

I no longer manage people except as required at work.


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Recovery can bring back memories of how bad it was. A Fat American in France

I ate violently, destructively and disturbingly.

At one point I did a cost-benefit analysis of my addiction...didn't help.

My fancy education made no difference.

Once in the program I became Miss OA. My physicality came back. 

'I got this' led to an 80 lb weight gain

I finally did get this  Nov 3 2008.

Today I have a daily ritual morning and evening which includes reading, writing, step work and A E I O U  Y

I really do have a life beyond my wildest dreams by doing a few things every day.

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Grew up thinking I was unwanted as 5th of 5.

Within 3 days of joining the program there was a month long orientation workshop which gave me a deep understand on the program and what I could expect.

Unity between my program, my marriage, my higher power and my life keep all the parts working.



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I was a sensitive kid obsessed with my body image. 

At 15 I got diet pills, then speed and was not actually overweight.

I restricted, was an exercise bulimic and tried it all.

I stopped eating sugar because I was a people pleaser. AND just kept coming  back.

Today the program and my higher power have helped me all the challenges life has thrown at me and maintained my abstinence.

The promises have come true

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