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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Kia M. has a wonderful story of hope, sharing with you her long road to abstinence since May 2011 and maintaining well over 100 pounds weight loss to normal weight, down from 280 pounds. She shares many events in her life and the wisdom she has gained from OA, including:

What it was like to feel so overweight that she refused to be photographed.

What she always wore to prevent her from feeling weight gain, and what revealed her weight gain.

What epiphany she realized that made her give up sugar.

What she believes is the difference between abstaining and abstinent.

What she craved eating after giving birth, what crazy thing it drove her to do that endanger her babies, and what she realized that helped her be a better mom.

How her relationship with food improved.

What happened to her finances since she has been abstinent.

Her ideas on the psychology of losing weight.

What is happened to her compulsion to overeat.

One of her quotes: “don’t let your fear rob you of the best life you have”

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Enjoy Nancy J's 40th OA anniversary celebration! You will feel her joy as she tells what it has taken to maintain a 150 pound weight loss, including:

The three most important words in OA

What embarrassing thing happened when she needed to be weighed for a checkup

What it was like to be over 200 pounds in junior high, and what she did to eat faster

What unusual thing her sponsor asked her to do when Nancy could not define her higher power

Which she means by compulsive eaters being great compensators

Why she joined OA even though she thought it was a cult

What she thinks all sponsors should try to do

What it takes for recovery to set in and free you

The greatest things that OA gave her

What we have to accept in order to deal with compulsive overeating

Why service is slimming


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Get out your pencil and notepad as Heather O. shares the wisdom she has gained in OA that has allowed her to maintain a 110 pound weight loss since. She discusses her belief that it was okay for her to be overweight, even when she stole food and money. She talks about what it took to overcome shake diets and exercise bulimia.

Some of the interesting and useful topics she covers are:

One word that described her inability to deal with fear, pain, and anxiety.

The thing that it is okay for her not to know.

The ways of being connected that maintain her abstinence.

A hopeful thought on how to deal with a rough life.

What promise is the greatest to her.

Visualizations that helped her maintain abstinence.


As a special treat, she will walk you through a simple eleventh-step visualization exercise that will help you hold onto serenity.


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Loni G. shares her story of hope as a recovering compulsive overeater, telling how overeaters anonymous helped her drop from 340 pounds to normal weight. As a bonus, she shares great quotes you will want to make note of. Some of the things she talks about are:

·         What wonderful thing she does in front of a mirror before she leaves that she never did before.

·         What important thing she remembers when she wakes up each morning, and what she does after that.

·         The special prayer she uses to ask God to stand between her and fear and food.

·         Why terror after her big binge at Christmas of 1985 drove her to join Overeaters Anonymous in January of 1986.

·         The only thing she took away from her first meeting, and why losing her nerve prevented her from leaving her first Overeaters Anonymous meetings.

·         Why her horror and fascination with a rowdy OA group in LA was inspirational to her.

·         What she does instead of a fourth step checklist.

·         What she remembered that helped her get through her step work.

·         A great quote about ranting.

·         What three things she finds effective in reporting to her sponsor about her food.


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