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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

The weight allowed to be a charcter actor which allowed me to justify the weight.

Lost 100 lbs by running, then stopped running....

2 years into recovery I was terrified of relapse. a 2 lb weight gain led me into my current recovery.

Doing the steps in AA truly kicked in my spiritual awakening.

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Childhood anxiety was not understood,.

Thinking 'Thin is good' had me restricting in kindergarten and into anorexia by 4th grade.

The positive aspect of gastric bypass surgey can be overcome with careful compulsive overeating.

I fired a series of sponsors who had really good suggestions.

Fast forward years of up and down weight, in and out of program, loving and hating myself, today I have healthy relationshiops with my husband, my son, my program, my sponosr and my higher power. I follow direction and my life gets better. Rock on OA!


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Very active youth but food took oever about age 11. by 16 my weight made me uncomfortable so I solved that feeling with drugs and alcohol and became fat and high.

100 lb swings became common.

I know have my passion back.. for OA.

I always find a way to eat appropriately with the help of God and my sponsor.

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