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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Loni G. shares her story of hope as a recovering compulsive overeater, telling how overeaters anonymous helped her drop from 340 pounds to normal weight. As a bonus, she shares great quotes you will want to make note of. Some of the things she talks about are:

·         What wonderful thing she does in front of a mirror before she leaves that she never did before.

·         What important thing she remembers when she wakes up each morning, and what she does after that.

·         The special prayer she uses to ask God to stand between her and fear and food.

·         Why terror after her big binge at Christmas of 1985 drove her to join Overeaters Anonymous in January of 1986.

·         The only thing she took away from her first meeting, and why losing her nerve prevented her from leaving her first Overeaters Anonymous meetings.

·         Why her horror and fascination with a rowdy OA group in LA was inspirational to her.

·         What she does instead of a fourth step checklist.

·         What she remembered that helped her get through her step work.

·         A great quote about ranting.

·         What three things she finds effective in reporting to her sponsor about her food.


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