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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

OA Speakers,100 pounder, Hundred Pounder, Millcreek, KaraL

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I was an obese baby.  First diet at 5 years old. In my family compulsive overeating was our life.

There was never any leftover candy in our house 

Fat was  not a problem, it was who we were.

I learned to diet and was successful, for a minute.

As I was loosing weight I would think about what I was going to eat at the end of the diet.

1st time in OA I lost weight, broke abstinence and put all weight back on.

2nd time came back on really fast.

God did not sprinkle pixie dust on me to relieve the compulsion.

Eventually using tools, a sponsor, a higher power it is working one day at a time.

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I came in to OA in 1975 at 25 years old, 340 Lbs. and have been in 50 years.

I lost jobs because of my weight. They could do it and told me so.

Started with grey sheet food program.

You guys spoke honesty and I did not know that language. 

I had a huge issue with the spiritual components of the program. I was sure we didn't meditate in La Hambra, CA.

Today I sponsor, do service, travel, and have a good life. 

Direct download: CindyS_2024_06_09.mp3
Category:speaker -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

Originally in OA in '88.  I had a problem with lookalikes. Sugar free type alternatives to red light foods.

At events I would click the disposable cameras so I was always behind the camera, never in front,

I experienced the progressive nature of the disease. 5 year  first relapse, 3 years second, then 1 year

Embracing Step one perfectly is required to eliminate the first compulsive bite

I wore scrubs because the had all sizes and pockets.

I did have Bariatric  surgery but did not tell anyone due to expecting program judgement. It was me projecting my own judgment back at myself.

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Category:speaker -- posted at: 5:44pm PDT