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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

My mother was Manic/Depressive and a Compulsive Over-eater.

When I was 9 , my older 19 Year old brother was hity by drunk driver and was in a coma for 3 months. I needed more allowance to buy more candy.

I went to diet DR. at 16. Goal weight in a week. Game on!

What ever I did. I didn't look good enough. 

In 1976 I wen to OA, They sent me to AA and my food took off.

Much later (2013)I was working in chemical dependency and weighed 230.. They intervened and sent me to OA.

Today abstain from some foods, write it down and eat consciously. Now down 110 lbs.

The love, support and inspiration I get in OA keeps my heart open to so much. A home group and Service position keeps me in the middle of the herd.

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I grew up in NY and a large Italian Family. Eating was a sacred ritual.

I needed to learn to protect myself from my brother.I protected my self with food up to over 500 lbs. Everyone felt it was OK to give me advice.

My wife passed in 2020 presenting my with major life choice. 

I had the bypass surgery but statistics told me I might need more help. OA was that help. I originally thought they were nice because they paid by the pounds  loose.

I learned my phone could be used for more than just ordering take-out,

I became willing to change  so I did with help I could not have imagined was available. Help  is so much more than advice.

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Both parents alcoholic so I grew up in a dysfunctional environment.

My father killed himself rather than stop drinking. 

I treated my body like garbage can for drugs, alcohol. and food. Sober at 31.

Even though I was around the 12 step community I was outside as I was still eating compulsively.

I was in and out of OA for years. Couldn't do it my way. I didn't need meetings I 'Lived' the program. Not.
I completely forgot what meetings did 'for' me 

After 2 seizures, multiple brain surgeries and a commitment I ended up surrendering to the OA Program.

Today I am working to be more God centered than self centered. I am of service and have a quality of life I can rely on.

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