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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

When Ron replaced his other addictions with food, he had NO IDEA that eating compulsively was a disease.  He thought nothing of the fact that he was overeating.  Doesn’t everyone do that? 

He discovered OA through a friend from another 12 step program.  When he found that the program did, indeed, work and that he was still losing weight without exercising, he was surprised.  He then began to exercise, not to lose weight, but for his health.  The combination of doing what his sponsor told him to do, i.e. calling his food in daily (even though his food choices never changed), working the steps, making amends, and being of service, he has been able to remain abstinent for eleven years.  He still  prays and meditates daily and is now able to handle difficult situations by putting time between his actions and his reactions.

Ron said he has had a spiritual awakening, not a spiritual experience.  He wakes up in the morning with no fear, is a positive thinker, and is working the steps for the 3rd or 4th time.  Learning to surrender is one of the best things he has gotten from this program. He said  “As long as I surrender and follow direction with my sponsor, life’s going to stay good.”


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When Rich wanted his problems to disappear he “pigged out to pass out”.  He calls the disease of overeating the “disease of numbing”.  He learned about OA at an Orange County Fair OA booth. When he attended  his 1st meeting he connected with the people but didn’t feel comfortable with reading  “The Big Book,” so at this point he decided not to come back.  However,  a few years later he did come back to meetings and worked the 12 steps in earnest .  He is an agnostic and chose his HP to be the group.  He found that reading chapter 4, “To The Agnostic” was very helpful for him.  He said “this program saved my life”.  He talks about resentments, sponsoring others and the gifts of the program.  He uses the tool of prayer daily and gratitude is the foundation of his recovery. 

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