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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Janis B tells her very inspirational story of how she dropped from 365 pounds to maintain almost a 100 pound weight loss and over a year and a half of abstinence. Her share includes:

Wonderful blessings she has received from OA, including one that has to do with her steering wheel, one having to do with “taking selfies” at a lake, and one having to do with stepping out of a dressing room.

How a Catholic school nun devastated her relationship with God, how this related to the Charlie Brown character Pig Pen, and how OA eventually helped her to come close to a loving God.

How being molested by a family member affected her view of her body and men, her tragic view of being a victim, and how she healed.

What horrific thing she used to do, especially in front of an audience of people without them knowing.

Why Hawaii was a very difficult place to keep off weight, and what Hawaiian tradition she enjoyed doing that was unusual for someone her weight.

Her binge habits, including what she did at fairs and an odd thing she prayed just before she binged.

What she doesn’t mind occasional food inconveniences anymore.

Why she never tried diets at all.

What powerful thing a room full of ladies told her when she first walked into OA.

How a farmer analogy helps her deal with stress.


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