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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

In these rooms Chaya learned how to do the little things in life so that when major things in life happened,  eating food was not an option.  Chaya plans what she is going to eat and eats what she plans…NO MATTER WHAT.  No substitutions.  To her,  substituting food is compulsive over eating.

Chaya believes that serenity is knowing she is powerless over people, places, or

things and that everything in her life is exactly the way God wants it to be.  Because

her focus is not on food anymore she is now able to enjoy her family. Also, now she has a positive point of view and she only talks about the foods she CAN eat rather than what she can’t eat.

She says that dwelling on what she can’t eat sets her up to feel deprived.  Today it is Chaya’s  CHOICE to eat the foods on her food plan. When she is offered food that isn’t on her plan she politely says “ thank you, I appreciate your hard work and thoughtfulness”.  To feel comfortable saying these words she found she really had to practice a lot. 

Chaya knows she never again has to go through things alone because she always has the people in these rooms to turn to.   She has also learned that she can choose how to react to events, good or bad, and that she doesn’t have to act on every thought. 


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