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Mill Creek OA 100 Pounder Speaker Meeting
Speakers who have lost 100 pounds tell their stories.

Annie G. has 5 years of success in OA. She shares her story of her long path to normal weight, beginning compulsive behavior at 5 years when her girlfriends said she was going to hell, causing her to feel unloved and not good enough. She tells who she stole money from to buy junk food, how her weight in college yo-yoed from being a restrictor and trying a modified Atkins diet, and why the lack of spiritual connections caused her to break her diet because of a piece of fruit.

Her story of hope begins when a friend invited her to OA, where she felt the presence of love. She tells you the real reason she came to OA (not to lose weight), what she did to be successful in OA that includes the list of things she does every day, how she met her future husband in OA, how she was able to heal relationships, and what she realized she can turn to God for. You will be inspired by Annie's message.

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